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The Adventures of Jules Khan - A North American Teenage Muslim Superhero


About Jules

This is a light, enjoyable,fun, exciting and at times violent (no blood!) adventure that introduces the writer's first Teenage Superhero:  Jules Khan.

Unbeknownst to Jules, he is the keeper of an ancient mysterious book. Within this mysterious book  lies the key to a peaceful world, but he must save the world from the evil National Weapons Association who want to acquire the book in order to destroy peace on earth just to sell more weapons!

Together Jules, Klaus and Angelina take on the bad guys to help preserve peace on Earth. 

The best surprises in the book are how he attains his powers, what he learns at the Assassins boarding school and the Multi-Faith English prayers he says while bashing the bad guys with his Superpowers! 

Where do you get a copy of 'The Adventures of Jules Khan'?'

Jules has decided that the digital world is taking over at a tremendous pace

You can acquire your e-copy on Amazon and Kindle. AVAILABLE for purchase starting 11th, July  2018.

Once you read your copy, the more positive reviews you post online then the more Jules, Angelina and Klaus can produce more adventures for you...

For negative reviews, take it easy on us and give someone a hug before posting as we all need some positive love!!!

Parents, Teenagers and Pre-teens we thank you so much for your support it means the world to you, us and  everyone!

Many people ask why is the ebook  

USD $9.99? Jules is giving a portion of sales to Children's Cancer Research Centres, paying taxes and developing more adventures! So spend knowing your money is valued!

The 20th Century's First North American Teenage Muslim Superhero

You are part of the plan, every pre-teen, teenager or adult that reads and purchases 'The Adventures of Jules Khan' is part of the peaceful movement !

Join in the revolution ! Spread the word through your creative process, technologies and social media! 

They say: A lot of luck is needed to make a story successful - send your good luck vibes for The Adventure of Jules Khan to become superhero successful!

We cannot wait for Jules, Angelina and Klaus to be on the big screen one day, both in animation and real life move with A list actors and Actresses...all getting paid the same amount ! only because of your efforts!!!

Let Peace prevail - we all need a bit of Jules in our lives!


About 'The adventures of JULES KHAN'

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We need you to help us with this peaceful movement. Once you purchase the book, please promote to Schools, Universities, Academics, critics, media, movie houses, actors, friends, family, Oprah and anyone else you can think off. Write 5 star reviews as we value your opinion

The adventures of jules khan a teenage superhero



Available now on Kindle.   The goal is to ensure every private and public  high school and university in USA and globally  to have a copy for their students

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Jules, Klaus and Angelina are working hard on the Original comic version, the Adult novel, the blockbuster Movie Script. and who knows a blockbuster deal with MARVEL or DC or an Independent Organization. In order to realize these ambitions they want the adventure to continue to be funded by the world's first official crypto currency BITCOIN or USD. Please e-mail us below to be part of our Executive Producer Funded Team, all funds in BITCOIN or USD, Thank you.

The Adventures of Jules Khan - A Teenage Superhero

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We need your superhero strength! 

Jules Khan is the first Teenage Muslim Superhero based in North America

Everyday Superheroes! if you have contacts that would be MARVEL..ous

The Adult Book Version, The Official Comic and Movie Script are all underway...

Jules, Angelina and Klaus will be coming into your life soon they just need your support so please use your Amazing Social Media skills to promote the next massive  teenage Superhero!