The Adventures of Jules Khan A North American Teenage Superhero

The Adventures of Jules Khan A North American Teenage Superhero

The Adventures of Jules Khan A North American Teenage SuperheroThe Adventures of Jules Khan A North American Teenage SuperheroThe Adventures of Jules Khan A North American Teenage Superhero


The Adventures of Jules Khan 

A Teenage  Muslim  Superhero

An entertaining and Award Winning  book  !!!  

New York City Big Book Awards - Distinguished Favorite Winner 2019 - Young Adult Fiction. Buy a copy

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The  Adventures  of  Jules  Khan -  A  Teenage  Muslim  Superhero,  introduces  the  world  to  a  fictional  project  that  is  shifting  the  narrative  on  how  teenagers  and  adults  consume  faith,fiction  and  entertainment  in  mainstream  media


New York City Big Book Awards - Young Adult Fiction Distinguished Favorite 2019 !!!


New York City, NY —  Once  again,  in  2019 ,  the  New York City Big Book Award  ACHIEVED  WORLDWIDE  PARTICIPATION.

Book  submissions  streamed  in  from  Africa,  Asia,  Australia,  Europe  and  North  America.  Cities  across  the  globe  such  as  Bangkok,  Cape  Town,  London,  Los  Angeles,  Nagasaki  and  New  York  were  represented  in  2019.  WINNERS  were  recognized  gloablly  from  Australia,  Cambodia,  Canada ,  England  and  the  United  States  of  America.  The  competition  is  judged  by  experts  from  different  aspects  of  the  book  industry,  including  publishers,  writers,  editors,  book  cover  designers  and  professional  copywriters.  Selected  New  York  City  Big  Book  Award  Winners  and  Distinguished  Favorites  are  based  on  overall  excellence.

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Jules  Khan  is  a  fictional  north  american teenage  superhero  with  caring  parents  who  do  their  best  to  teach him  morals  and  values.  Jules  takes  his  readers  on  an  amazing  adventure  filled  with  history,  truth  and  what  it  will  take  to  keep  prejudice  and  war  from  ruining  love  and  peace  for  all.  It  is  rare  to  find  a  young  adult  book  that  touches  on  such  sensitive  subjects  as  religion  and  world  wide  politics,  but  Jules  handles  these  heavy  topics  with  a  humor  and  grace  not  often  found  in  a  teenager.

The Canada Book Awards  program  recognizes  and  promotes  Canadian  author  outstanding  accomplishment.  The  Canada  Book Awards  is  an  ongoing  book  assessment  program  that honours  Canadian  authors  regardless  of  when  thier  books  and/or  eBooks  were  published

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Red City Reviews New York


The Adventures of Jules Khan: A Teenage Muslim Superhero is helping to create new generation of media that is more representative of today’s world. With wit, humor, and profound patience, Devji guides his hero through a variety of dire situations, including a number of battles taking place all across the globe. The book itself reads like a unique mix of Rick Riordan’s Percy Jackson series and Paulo Coelo’s The Alchemist, sagely acknowledging that while teenage readers may be young, it doesn’t mean they can’t begin to ponder the strange, beautiful, and often frustrating world they live in. It is a contemplative journey of morality that oscillates between highly humorous and deeply tragic moments. Additionally, the text draws from numerous faiths like Christianity, Judaism, and Islam to ensure that a wide audience, from teenagers all the way to adults, can see themselves reflected in the story. It’s impossible to say where Devji’s series will go from here, but we’re looking forward to finding out.  


Readers Favorite Awards and Reviews


Reviewed by Kimberlee J Benart for Readers' Favorite

The Adventures of Jules Khan: A Teenage Muslim Superhero by Karim K Devji is an action-filled young adult fantasy with a strong spiritual thread which crosses all faiths. Set in the World War II era, it describes the coming-of-age of a superhero with fantastical powers while the theme of respecting people, regardless of religion, nationality, or culture, is emphasized throughout. Born in Europe of mixed religious and ethnic heritage, Jules is sent to a secret boarding school in Africa at the age of thirteen to learn martial arts along with spiritual and intellectual studies to prepare him to become the protector of a book that holds the secret to world peace. At eighteen, Jules heads to Harvard and is immediately pursued from one country to another by the warmongering National Weapons Association that wants the book. 

In The Adventures of Jules Khan, Devji gives us a teenage superhero for our times; a spunky and faith-filled young man who is a proponent of world peace through understanding what unites us. Although Jules is a Muslim superhero, the story is engaging for teens of any faith and Devji is respectful of all traditions. Prayer and meditation are as much Jules’ weapons against evil as the impressive superpowers he possesses. There are a series of violent encounters in the story, but Jules is always a defendant, not an initiator of it. The narrative is descriptive and moves along at a good pace. The story is told in Jules’ own words and laced with his charming sense of humor. My favorite scene is when he initially gains his powers. It’s pure fantasy and utterly beautiful in construction. An entertaining and thought-provoking read. I hope we see more of Jules and more from Devji.


Literary Titan Review California, USA



The Adventures of Jules Khan – A Teenage Muslim Superhero, introduces the world to a fictional project that is shifting the narrative on how teenagers and adults consume faith, fiction and entertainment in mainstream media. This unique and creative story is a narrative on North America’s newest Superhero Jules Khan…

An enormous responsibility is bestowed upon Jules Khan. He is basically still a child and could not possibly fathom the true meaning of this responsibility. The whole of humanity is depending on him for survival. He must keep the book safe. Most importantly, he must keep the book away from the National Weapons Association. He will use his natural superpowers while relying on prayer and friends to remain grounded. He is about to uncover many secrets and find information that will rock him to the core. Will mankind be saved from the evil association?

Karim K Devji has crafted a thrilling and action filled tale of human triumph. He has masterfully woven a tale of a brave young man who is not expected to fulfill his role quite so efficiently but does so anyway with gusto and wisdom. He has told a story the only way it deserves to be told; with great energy. This story pulls in the reader right from the beginning. You get to meet fascinating characters and wander in the mind of Jules Khan freely. The author is a very vivid storyteller, using descriptions that are breathtaking.

As the story takes us through Jules’ journey of bravery, I was inspired by the lengths this young man goes to to bring peace to the world and his determination to instill the idea of respect for all regardless of their life choices or situations.

The book touches on numerous sensitive topics from religion to politics. In this era of over-sensitivity and overreactions, these are very difficult topics to converse about. However, the author navigates that particularly muddy puddle with expert ease. Everyone is represented in this book and does not focus on any one religion. The Adventures of Jules Khan – A Teenage Muslim Superhero is a wonderful adventure book that delivers a message of peace and respect to whoever reads it.

The story takes place in WWII era and captures the feel of the time and place well. The author’s commitment to the story and the intended message are announced in no uncertain terms by the simple brilliance with which the book is presented. It is rare to find a action packed book that would be suitable for both children and adults but The Adventures of Jules Khan- A Teenage Muslim Superhero is able to entertain and inspire.

Jules Khan should be a welcome addition to the MARVEL or DC Superhero Franchise as their newest Avenger or hero that uses his tremendous earth based superpowers and pluralism to easily handle the bad guys.

Pages: 169 


Ummahsonic Reviews, United Kingdom


Ummahsonic Reviews – The Adventures of Jules Khan

Added 1 year ago “What would you do if you held the power to help the entire world?” asks the blurb on the back of the book. And it is this question which the “The Adventures of Jules Khan” attempts to answer through its lead character Jules Khan….teenager, Muslim, human, superhero…Set during World War II and raised as an ordinary boy “Jules, Jules Khan,” finds himself attending an assassin training school. The school itself, based in Mombasa, has a rigorous and, quite frankly, gruelling curriculum. With lessons beginning at 3.30 am and not wrapping up till gone midnight, one wonders what modern day organizations such as Ofstead would make of this. But this does not faze Jules, who attends every class with vigor and enthusiasm.After permanently maiming the Headmaster with a broom handle following a three-hour brawl, he soon discovers that he has superpowers and actually holds the power to bring global peace…heavy. What follows is a journey of bravery, heroism and the bizarre.Having left the school for assassins the globetrotting Jules quickly circumnavigates the world, attending Harvard University for a grand total of one day, unlocking the secrets of his family and realising his life goal is to protect a “mysterious book” which inexplicably travels from country to country from the evil National Weapons Association…intriguing.The plot is fast paced and sometimes difficult to keep up with as Jules randomly appears in countries, encountering fleeting new characters for a matter of minutes. Similarly, the dialogue littered throughout the book could be stronger, and one can’t help but wonder if the author could have found more original ways of presenting the politeness and respectful nature of Jules than having him finish almost every sentence he speaks with the words “kind sir” or “kind lady.” Yet Deveji, the author, does successfully build suspense and leaves the reader on a real cliffhanger at the end.The “Adventures of Jules Khan” is definitely funny. The characters all have a certain je ne sais quoi to them which does help add to the entertainment value of the book. For example, the King of the Refugees, a humble genius, at one point makes an outlandish claim that he is developing a new currency called Bits of coin (sounds suspiciously familiar) based on an algorithm from 7th Century Persia…hilarious!Despite the sometimes bewildering nature of the book, it does bring a smile to your face. The book is trying to make a good point, that the overarching value promoted by all major religions is peace and it does champion diversity. As, the sometimes annoyingly preachy, Jules says, “God has created diversity in humans, and we need to respect and nurture this diversity to protect humanity.” We think it’s refreshing and great that someone has created a Muslim superhero who is advocating pluralism and for this, Deveji should be commended.Would we want to hang out with Jules? Absolutely not. But do we want to find out what happens next to this teenager gifted with such spectacular powers? Absolutely.Or as Jules would say it, “the fighting and adventures continue…”If you would like to purchase the book yourself, check it out on amazon.

New York City Big Book Awards Review


Pluralism and faith are brought together.  Devji says we all have the light of God, a one source, but are of different races and cultures.  These differences are not to be feared, but should be respected and embraced.  Devji's point is most poignant in describing his idea of Pluralism through the analogy of water.  Individually as raindrops we have a separate purpose, but come together to create a common good for the betterment of the world.  An inspiring read for a younger audience to create a more open-minded approach to each other.
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We have a number of rolling submission deadlines throughout the year.  There are a number of criteria in judging a book: design, editorial excellence, production quality and quality of idea to name a few.  We draw upon our relationships of literally thousands of contacts that like us have a vast knowledge of the marketplace, and the diversity and breath of publishing to give a framework to the decision-making process.  We make every effort to bring fairness and a high standard to every book we judge, hence why we have known industry leaders advise us in the awards.  We recognize that some books have outstanding qualities in every category but reserve the right to limit those that are designated “Winner.”  To that point, often there is more than one category a book excels, and believe these books are due recognition, so the notable category of “Distinguished Favorite” has been designed to highlight the title.  Distinguished Favorite is a high honor and something about which any author can and should be justifiably proud.  Readers recognize that Distinguished Favorite books are worthy of their attention and their book-buying dollars

Mvslim Reviews, USA

A Teenage Muslim Hero: Jules Khan is the Son of a Jewish-Muslim Couple and Saves People, Regardless

A Teenage Muslim Hero: Jules Khan is the Son of a Jewish-Muslim Couple and Saves People, Regardless of their Background

‘The Adventures of Jules Khan – A Teenage Muslim Superhero’ is a fun fiction, action adventure project, written and created by Canadian Author and entrepreneur Karim K Devji. The young adult book chronicles the lives of Jules Khan and his personal bodyguards, Angelina and Klaus. This book focuses on one main theme: respecting all beings on Earth, regardless of nationality or religion.The story is a narrative about a young teenager who is the son of a Swedish, Jewish mum and a Persian, Muslim prince, set in the 1940’s. As the story unfolds, it takes on the same formula as the normal Marvel comic book hero.A teenager gains superpowers, from Mother Nature, to fight off the Evil National Weapons Association, as World War Two rages on. If we want to avoid more chaos and conflict in the future, we should embrace our human diversity. That is the central message in the story.Numerous teachers, teenagers and adults have started rating the book 8 out 10, as it is discusses sensitive topics, while remaining very entertaining and relatable.As there is still not enough diversity in American superhero movies, ‘the Adventures of Jules Khan’ is definitely leading the way to more inclusiveness.Multiple copies are being sent to movie houses to start the long term process of hopefully becoming one of North America’s unicorn success stories.Karim Devji, the author of the book, very humbled by the positive comments on his work, is excited about the results and hopes that it gets picked up by Marvel, DC, Walt Disney or other big studios.One of the US based editors for punctuation and grammar, Rachel Fogg, wrote that it is “an excellent book for teenagers and adults. Jules will remind everyone of the important things in life’.We, too, are happy about this initiative!  You can buy this book here.


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